Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Minto 2011 Experience

After HotBox Lacrosse spent the week in Okotoks for the 2011 Minto Cup they couldn't help but notice the success of the event. Experiencing a few Mintos, we noticed the class of the event from the Media conference on the first day to the celebration of the last game. As far as the teams go you had to pick Coquitlam as the favourite going in. We thought the Alberta teams played well but the Eclipse were not at the level this year. The Raiders made a very good showing in the semi final, putting some lopsided losses behind them and were right in it until the end. A couple of bounces ( Chad Mitchell's far side post shot with 6 min left) could of made it very interesting. As for the Warriors from Whitby their road to the Minto we feel was the biggest advantage they had (winning both final series by one goal in game 7's) as in both elimination games they looked cool and collected until the final buzzer. The final game you could tell Coquitlam felt the pressure and seem to squeeze the sticks a little. Congrats to the Whitby Warriors Derek, Dan and Jeff in their great year. Stay tuned for some photos from the week to follow. Cheers HB

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