Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hotbox Lacrosse: Lacrosse Quest 24, Guinness World Record Attempt

How can you Participate?  Here is what you need to know:

WHAT:  The first ever Guinness world record attempt for box lacrosse    
WHEN:   April 27 - April 28,2012: 7pm - 7pm (continuous play)
WHERE:  South Fish Creak Arena, Calgary, A.B
The 46 players must stay in the arena for the full 24 hours!
WHY:  To raise 50,000 dollars to the charity "Right To Play" 


We are looking for 46 motivated lacrosse players to participate in this event.  As numbers are limited, we will take the top 46 fundraisers for Right To Play as the players for this game.  To fundraise you need to create a player bio
(follow the link this is where you can direct people to find your personal bio and donate to you.  It couldn't be easier!  The deadline for you donations in May 1st, after which the team will be selected from the top 46 fundraisers. 

Good Luck, we hope to call you on April 15, 2012 to give you the good news. 

Shawn Cable and Martin Parnell participating in a ceremonial face-off at the Calgary Roughnecks game to promote Lacrosse Quest 24. 


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Minto 2011 Experience

After HotBox Lacrosse spent the week in Okotoks for the 2011 Minto Cup they couldn't help but notice the success of the event. Experiencing a few Mintos, we noticed the class of the event from the Media conference on the first day to the celebration of the last game. As far as the teams go you had to pick Coquitlam as the favourite going in. We thought the Alberta teams played well but the Eclipse were not at the level this year. The Raiders made a very good showing in the semi final, putting some lopsided losses behind them and were right in it until the end. A couple of bounces ( Chad Mitchell's far side post shot with 6 min left) could of made it very interesting. As for the Warriors from Whitby their road to the Minto we feel was the biggest advantage they had (winning both final series by one goal in game 7's) as in both elimination games they looked cool and collected until the final buzzer. The final game you could tell Coquitlam felt the pressure and seem to squeeze the sticks a little. Congrats to the Whitby Warriors Derek, Dan and Jeff in their great year. Stay tuned for some photos from the week to follow. Cheers HB

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Our Profile


Welcome to Our site is designed not only to keep you up to date on stories and events happening in the lacrosse community, but also allows you to shop online for HotBox gear. Our vision is to design quality clothing for every lacrosse player and fan to wear anytime. Whether under equipment, during a game, out with friends, or cheering from the sidelines, we want our clothing to unite the lacrosse community.


HotBox would like to introduce Bellatrix, our logo, which is Latin for “Beautiful Female Warrior”. Bellatrix is a beautiful, fearless warrior, men want her and women want to be her. She represents the glory and honor in being a lacrosse player and embodies the HotBox brand.

Happening Right Now

This week HotBox will be at the Minto Cup tournament in Okotoks (August 20-28). Check the site and twitter for up to the minute scores, player info, pics and stories! We’ll keep you posted.         

Thursday, 18 August 2011

MInto Cup 2011

The 2011 version of the Jr. A National Championship starts Saturday, August 20 with the Okotoks Jr. A Raiders hosting.  HotBox Lacrosse will be present at all games to update you on scores and stories surrounding the event. Catch us on Twitter @ HotBoxLax or